Solution to Recover Deleted File on Windows/Mac

Recover Deleted software has simple graphical user interface which is designed and developed by group of experts. So you can perform data recovery without any trouble (either you have technical knowledge or not).

Do you know how to recover deleted file on Windows/Mac system? Have you any idea about any reliable and effective file recovery tool?

Accidental/intentional file deletion issue is one of the critical problems faced by many users. Sometimes you want to perform deletion task of some garbage/unwanted files but due to mistake you select and delete some essential file. As a result you suffer file deletion issue. Apart from this there are many more reasons behind the deletion of files on Windows/Mac system. Some of the reasons behind file deletion are explained below:

Virus Infection: Virus plays a vital role behind the deletion of files. Those files which are infected from virus, there is a huge chance of deletion of those files in scanning process of Antivirus.

Unreliable Third Party Tools: Many of the third party tools are not reliable in nature. In fact using of these types of tools may cause the some important files deletion issue on Windows or Mac based platform.

Abrupt Shutdown of the System: When you perform any task on your Windows/Mac based system and due to any reasons (power surge, hardware issue, software conflicts etc), if system get shutdown then there is a huge chance of deletion of some important files on the system.

Some other reasons behind the file deletion are software conflicts, operating system crash, hardware corruption, file system corruption, boot sector corruption, files deleted by Shift + Delete (Windows OS), excess of bad sectors in storage device, empty Trash/Recycle Bin and many more.

However friends! Whatever may be the reason behind file deletion, if you want to recover deleted file then you must opt for Recover Deleted software. This tool has advanced scanning algorithm which scans entire storage device and finds all deleted files in Windows/Mac system in quick spam of time. One feature of this application makes it different from other third party file recovery tools i.e. “Save Recovery Session”. This feature provides you resuming option, so if any interruption occurs during recovery session then there is no need to rescan entire drive again. Task will start from where the recovery task gets interrupted. This tool has some other massive features which is explained in below scenarios.

You can recover file from several file systems (FAT, FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, HFS+ and HFSX). This tool recovers approximately 300 file types including image files, music, video files, document files, zip files, pdf files and so on. Apart from this you can also preview the recovered files after completion of recovering task. Any type of portable storage devices (external hard drive, memory card, flash drive etc) and several types of hard drives (SATA, SCSI, IDE etc) are easily supported by this tool. So you can recover all deleted files with utmost ease and few clicks of mouse.