How to Restore Deleted Files from USB Stick?

Define USB Stick?
A USB stick is also known as a flash drive, pen drive, thumb drive, or simply USB drive. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, is a small device that plugs into a system‘s USB port and uses as a portable storage device. It is used to store information and it also facilitates to transfer files easily from one system to another. In USB memory stick, there are different sizes; shape and can hold data in gigabytes.

As they are small enough to be carried out in a pocket and whenever, the user can plug and play to the PC. USB memory sticks have less storage capacity compare to the or hard disk or external hard drive but they are more durable because USB sticks don’t have any internal moving parts. When the user plugs the memory sticks via USB port, the operating system recognizes the devices as the removable disk and assigns a drive letter.

Install operating system using USB stick: User can make use of USB memory stick for installing an operating system on their computer by making USB stick bootable.

Compatibility of USB sticks:
The USB memory sticks have become one of the most common methods to connect an electronic device such as:

Connect to the TV: Nowadays, the technology is growing widely all over the world. Almost, every brand of TV are providing a feature of USB port in the TV so a user can copy their favorite movies or video clips in the USB sticks just plug it and enjoy the videos watching on TV.

DVD player: User can use USB memory stick as an mp3 player by connecting to DVD player also for playing mp3 songs.

However, sometimes deletion of important files from the USB memory stick can put the user into a tense or worrying situation. The user might search for the solution on the internet how to undelete files from a USB stick? There are many factors that lead to loss or deletion of data from the USB stick, some of them are explained below.

• Inadvertent deletion is the most common reason for erasing of information from USB sticks. Deletion happens generally while deleting some unwanted data to make your drive space free, in this circumstance, there is a possibility to delete your important file unknowingly.
• Virus/malware is nothing but a destructive program which causes different data that are stored in USB stick. Thus, infection of harmful virus/malware on your USB drive leads to corruption to your important files and make data inaccessible.
• You may format USB stick in various issues like redundant files, severe virus attack, etc which will erase all data saved in the drive.
• USB stick is commonly used to transfer a file from one system to another. When you performing transfer process, interruption like the power surge and improper ejection of USB memory stick can cause data loss and then user want to undelete files from a USB stick.

Are you one facing data loss from a USB stick? If yes, the best solution is to choose the most reliable third party software like Restore Memory Stick. It can restore deleted files from USB stick which gets erased or lost due to above-told reasons or any other reason. This tool can recover files from all types of memory card like SD, SDHC, MMC, SDXC, and more. You can also retrieve various files such as audios, pictures, text documents, videos, etc. It supports both Mac and Windows OS to perform data recovery from USB stick in hassle-free manner.