Essential Steps to Restore Delete Data from External HDD

There are a number of storage devices such as hard disk, SSD, SD, xD, SDHC, CF card, memory stick, FireWire drives etc to store information in digital form. Among this storage device, external HDD (i.e. portable hard disk drive) is being popular because of its portability, huge storage capacity, and higher data transfer speed.

It can store images, audio files, video files, documents, games and several other files and folders. As it is a portable storage media, it provides an option for the user to keep and avail their important files anywhere, anytime they need. But sometimes you may face a severe situation which may lead to loss of data. Perhaps some important data has been deleted accidentally or the external HDD has been corrupted, due to which you are unable to access important data.

You will get more other reasons like bad sector, header file corruption, virus attack, format error etc, which leads to loss of data on external HDD. But whatever the reason is, no need to worry anymore, since now it is possible to get back deleted or lost data on external HDD. There is a software called Rescue Deleted, is the most reliable utility to deal with data recovery on an external hard drive. It is the best tool to perform disk rescue external drive operation in few simple steps.

Some common reasons when you might lose data from external HDD:

  • While deleting unwanted data, you have accidentally deleted some important data on external HDD, which will lead to loss of data because it can’t be restored manually.
  • When external HDD is connected to the computer, by mistake you have formatted it instead of formatting another storage drive, due to which all data will be lost from external HDD.
  • Sometimes, unknowingly you may connect external HDD to virus infected computer, as a result, external HDD may get corrupted due to a virus infection on it and you can’t find any of the data inside it.
  • Abrupt shut down of the computer, while accessing data from external HDD may corrupt the file system, which may result in the inaccessible drive. In this case, you will be unable to reach the data on it.

Features of Rescue Deleted software:

It uses advanced technology to perform disk rescue external drive operation on various versions of Windows and Mac computer. Its extremely fast scanning algorithm helps the user to recover deleted data on external HDD within a couple of minutes. This software uses read-only scan methods to ensure safe and effective external hard drive data recovery without reflecting any modification to the files saved in the drive. It is a perfect tool to perform successful disk rescue external drive operation on external HDD manufactured by Samsung, Western Digital, Transcend, Seagate, Toshiba etc.

This tool can also be utilized to restore deleted data on xD card, SD, CF, memory stick, camcorder and several other storage media. Using this tool any type of data can be retrieved such as audio, video, pictures, an application file, document etc. It is also capable to recover password-protected ZIP archive, compressed RAR file, and highly encrypted data. it has a great ability to restore data from NTFS, FAT 16, FAT 32 etc file system.