Easy Way to Restore Files from Formatted Hard Drive

Repartitioned software is one stop solution where you short out your query about how to recover files from a formatted hard drive partition. Hard drive is one of the essential parts of any System where you can store any type of data such as image files, music files, videos or any type of documents. We can do maximum 16 partitions of the hard drive with different sizes. But sometimes either mistakenly or due to any reasons you format your hard drive partition. At that time this Repartitioned software provides you an easy way to restore files from formatted hard drive. You just try trial version of this tool which is available in our official website without any cost. And after using the demo version, if you will be satisfied of the recovery performance of the partition then you can purchase the complete version tool with license key from the same website. Now, before discussing something more about the outstanding features of Repartitioned software, you must be aware with the scenarios that are responsible for lost of data after formatting of hard drive partition.

Reasons behind formatting of hard drive partition:

  • Operating System Crash: If your Operating system gets corrupted due to any reason then in reinstalling process of operating system one message comes related to partition formatting. If mistakenly you click and delete any partition that time then you may experience of data loss from hard drive partition.
  • Accidental formatting of partition: By the help of Windows Disk Management tool, you can format your drive. But sometimes due to mistake if you delete some other drive then there is a chance of data loss from that hard drive partition.
  • Partitioning Error: Disk partitioning tool allows all users to create dual partitions in the hard drive. But if any error comes during partitioning of the hard drive then this may cause corruption of the boot sector information on your hard drive which contains essential information about total size of the sector, its start and end point, number of partitions, number of sectors etc. Corruption of boot sector may cause loss of partition data from hard drive.
  • Some other reasons: There are some other reasons behind corruption or lost data after formatting drive such as uses of third party software, abrupt shutdown of system, bad sectors on hard drives and so on.

However, whatever may be the reason of formatting of hard drive partition, if you are searching that how to recover files from a formatted hard drive partition? Then Repartitioned software is compatible enough to restore files from formatted hard drive partition.

Some outstanding features of Repartitioned software:</

  • By the use of this recovery tool you can restore files from corrupted hard drive of any versions of Windows operating system such as Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and so on with great ease.
  • Repartitioned software is also compatible with any version of Mac OS X.
  • This tool performs quick and safe recovery of hard drive volume files with just few clicks of mouse.
  • This tool is also capable to recovers data from other external hard disk drive easily.
  • By the using this software, you can retrieve lost or deleted partition formatted with FAT16, FAT32, EXFAT, NTFS, HFS+ and HFSX file systems.
  • This tool provides full support to recover data from deleted partition of SCSI, IDE, SATA and USB drives.