Best Way to Repair Corrupted PST Files in Outlook 2010

From Last month, I was managing my Outlook profile in Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 on my PC. When I tried to access my Outlook profile it failed to load and an error message occurred that PST file is corrupted.  Assuming that PST file have got stored into bad sectors of the hard drive. The corrupted PST file of Outlook 2010 contains lots of emails, document file of my business which is very important. And I cannot afford to lose that information saved in PST file. I am really frustrated and looking for an answer on how to fix corrupted PST file in Outlook 2010. Any kind of assistance will be appreciated.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 is used to store all the information related to the Outlook profile in a PST file. The expansion of PST is Personal Storage Table and it facilitates user to store attributes like calendars, emails, notes, task, contacts, etc in a single file. By default Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 use .pst file format to save the data. Hence, there are some factors which lead to corruption or damage of PST file and user will be denied to access there Outlook profile. If you are facing corruption in Outlook PST file, then you are in right place. By reading this article you can easily fix corrupted PST file in Outlook 2010 using most reliable software like Fix PST Tool.

What are reasons behind for corrupting the PST file in Microsoft Outlook 2010?

Malicious program: If the computer gets infected by malicious program like Trojan, viruses. Then, there is a chance of corruption or damage the Outlook PST file which are stored in system hard drive.

Error in compression: When compressing the PST file to save storage device space, if any error encounters then user may corrupt Outlook PST file.

PST file size exceeds: When the Outlook 2010 PST file exceeds size limits then it may corrupt due to oversized PST file and that PST file stop responding.

Unsecured network: Microsoft Outlook PST files which are transferred over unsecured network links resulting in corruption of PST file.

Fault in Microsoft Outlook application: While installing the Microsoft Office Outlook application user might incorrectly installed due to this application won’t work correctly. Then, user might face problems like PST file corruption.

Other reasons: There may be some other cases for corruption or damage of PST file which includes improper termination of Microsoft Outlook 2010, synchronization problems with Microsoft Exchange server, etc.

Finest features of Fix PST Tool:

Fix PST Tool is award winning software and it is most recommended by IT professionals. This tool repairs the corrupted PST file and restores the information in a new healthy PST file without affecting the source PST file. It is build with simple graphical user interface. By employing this application user will understand how to fix corrupted PST file in outlook 2010 in an effective way. Ability to scan and repair PST file which are corrupted due to any reasons.

It is capable of fixing corrupted PST file that created using different versions of Outlook 2010, 2003, 2007, 2000. Fix PST Tool can also repairs OST files along with the PST file. User can preview there repaired PST file in an Outlook style browser view. If the corrupted PST file was password protected it can easily fix it. It is compatible with various versions of Windows OS such as Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 8, etc.